Schwerte, September 3, 2020. Especially in extreme manufacturing environments, seamless process monitoring must be guaranteed: Therefore, PIEPER GmbH developed automated control and monitoring cabinets for the protection of operating media. These cabinets enable the uninterrupted use of furnace probes and retraction devices in high temperature areas - the best prerequisite for more safety and efficiency!

The custom-made air/water/pneumatic control cabinets are available in two versions (SS-N-890 and SS-N-891), depending on the requirements and system characteristics, which are distinguished by an optional motor-driven water flow control. A special added value is the automated, self-regulating control of the operating media, which is made possible by special devices of the new control and monitoring cabinets. PIEPER thus offers customers an integrated safety solution for their automated, digital process monitoring, which can be adapted exactly to the specific requirements.

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