Security for a High-Tech Industry

Cement is the most commonly used building material. But more stringent environmental requirements and rising manufacturing costs caused by higher energy prices mean the industry has been increasingly faced with new challenges in recent years. At the same time, special cements are complementing cement manufacturers’ traditional portfolio and are opening new application scenarios up for the building material. Whatever the economic situation is in the construction industry, internal processes in cement plants have to be made efficient and secure. Pieper GmbH provides individual process monitoring and security solutions for precisely this purpose and helps you to continue winning over your customers by offering delivery reliability and quality.

Efficient Delivery due to Video Surveillance

A smooth production process starts with delivery of the raw materials. Be it avoiding backwater when delivering limestone, or safely and correctly weighing and loading the ballast, we supply industry-compatible, flexible and highly integrative video security for fantastic process monitoring in cement plants. We use modern, IP-based cameras that meet the highest data protection and security standards for customer-specific requirements, such as automated reconciliation of delivery notes or automatic truck registration.

Combustion Process: Security and Precision in Cement Production

Cement clinker is burned in many interlinked plants and machines. The slightest interruption or a faulty system can have serious consequences.
We plan and install fireproof and robust HD combustion chamber cameras for quality assurance in the combustion process. Thermal cameras provide a visual inspection and check the likes of the flame pattern for soot residues. At the same time, they are invaluable for quality control purposes and maintenance of rotary kilns or clinker coolers. We would also be happy to configure an individual solution for you for visual process monitoring of the mills and conveyor belts.
For early fire detection, we use special video-based smoke early warning systems that can be embedded in existing conventional fire alarm systems. They use algorithms to detect smoke in the early stages of a fire and have a lower number of false alarms, particularly in harsh environments.

Complete Silo and Industrial Site Monitoring

The supply of raw materials and delivery of finished materials means that cement plants are very busy. While a good security solution automates access of authorized persons, it also protects against unauthorized access. And it does so in all lighting conditions and in wind and weather.
The security of silos and storage facilities is equally important. This includes fuel storage facilities, where even the smallest hot spots can be detected using thermography. Protect your employees and your plant with Pieper GmbH’s early fire detection systems and early smoke detection solutions! We’d be delighted to advise you.