Quality and Precision in Glass Production

There’s hardly any other industry where mistakes and deviations in the manufacturing process are as wide-ranging as they are in the glass industry: defective goods caused by the likes of an excessively humid environment or temperature fluctuations are a risk factor. Production downtimes and machine standstills are another possible hazard. All of these things can cause costs to quickly go through the roof for manufacturers. Using special process observation systems, consistently precise and high-quality products are created even in difficult high-temperature environments.

Visual Melt Monitoring

The high temperatures in combustion chambers are particularly challenging in the glass industry. Thanks to specially coated protective housings, the Pieper systems are suitable for use at temperatures of up to 2,400°C and, despite this, are still sensitive enough to output and store high-resolution images and the finest details.

The analog and network-capable camera technology observes the process chain from the very outset to the annealing lehr and conducts analyses of the flame pattern, for example, and transports the glass and melt away. Undesirable temperature fluctuations can be countered quickly, thus ensuring consistently high product quality.

Digital Process Monitoring in the Float Glass Method

Precision is of prime importance when making flat glass. Our systems reliably detect and analyze the glass edges and top roller tracks for the slightest deviations within the spread, top roller or exit end area. For example, the gross and net width, the distance between the glass edges and the top roller track plus the deviation of the glass from the center position are evaluated.

Our glass edge marking system draws the top roller track’s lines onto the surface of a mobile touch panel or a permanently installed touch monitor. At the touch of a button, the markers are transferred to the corresponding control monitors and are automatically inserted into the top roller camera’s live video image. Lay the foundations for automated, digital processes – we’d be delighted to advise you!