A Sector-Specific Solution: Petrol Chemistry


The petrochemical industry is being shaped equally by fierce international competition and by the fact that it harbors high risk potential due to its sensitive materials and production environments. Digital security systems that meet modern Industry 4.0 requirements are therefore more in demand now than ever before and have to offer the industry stable operations and thus permanently high product quality. To guarantee complete process monitoring and premises surveillance in chemical plants, PIEPER’s portfolio includes ATEX-approved plants that were specifically designed for these environments and are primarily characterized by reliable explosion and pressure protection as well as futureproof IP camera technology.

When it is used in combination with appropriate analysis and management software, this solution becomes a highly integrative, digital video monitoring system that immediately triggers an alarm when a dangerous situation occurs and provides crystal-clear images to allow experts to assess the situation – and this even includes all the key location information for first responders.


Steam cracking is one of the most important processes in petrol chemistry. High temperatures of up to 900°C in furnaces make these and other processes difficult to control from outside.

Since it’s an industry expert in visual process observation, PIEPER provides high-precision solutions to considerably cut the risk of accidents and damage with its monitoring systems featuring special combustion chamber or thermal cameras. The explosion-proof and ATEX-certified full HD combustion chamber system is one of the most powerful systems on the market at present. It records plant conditions, flame patterns and potential weak points in every corner of the combustion chamber at all times. Axial and radial systems – featuring rotating probes and integrated light control depending on requirements – make the solution (which can be adapted to existing process control systems) fit for use in futureproof Industry 4.0 scenarios too. PIEPER also offers an appropriately designed thermal camera system for analyzing hot spots and temperature distribution.