Power plants


Power is still mainly generated using conventional power plants. While plans to phase out coal-fired power generation have long since been in place, smooth production processes in power plants will still be a decisive factor if power is to be generated nationwide for many years to come. In addition to safety in the mining process, in this situation plant maintenance is the most important criterion when it comes to preventing spectacular financial losses should an operational failure occur. As it’s an expert in visual process observation, PIEPER ensures that all the transport routes within the power plant are both safe and clearly managed and guarantees that regular plant maintenance and servicing are scheduled soundly.

Detailed evaluation of the data collected about the likes of deposits, corrosion or the threat of impurities through process observation prevents unscheduled downtimes and helps the operator to maintain a modern and efficient production chain that is stable in the long term.


Safety comes first – and this also rings true when preventing fire sources during energy generation. Coal being transported to the incinerator on conveyor belts is just one example of the high potential risks encountered in power plants.

Undetected hot spots in highly flammable areas such as chutes, crushers or silos quickly lead to fires that could bring the power plant and thus the power supply to a complete standstill. In creating its smart early fire detection systems, PIEPER is providing solutions that are tailored specifically to power plants and considerably minimize minimize the risks of fire by using thermal cameras to precisely observe temperature in critical areas and monitoring flame patterns in combustion chambers with full HD cameras. This means that specific hazard situations can be immediately assessed in detail and mitigated. Appropriate analysis and video management software rounds off the integrative security system and thus ensures the highest level of protection possible against unplanned, costly downtimes.