Schwerte, March 14, 2017. MOOG Pieper, a provider of turnkey industrial video and security systems, is offering its customers a pioneering solution for early smoke detection in the form of the Early Bird Smoke Catcher. The Schwerte-based company is thus developing a mechanism that is both affordable and easy to use and that meets the required quality standards expected in a safe production environment thanks to the integration of tried-and-tested technologies and products.

Many companies prevent fires by relying on systems that are connected to a fire alarm control panel and work with calibrated thermal cameras. Even if systems with a performance requirement such as this are very efficient, at the same time they require substantial financial investments and are usually very complicated to operate. As a provider of security solutions, MOOG Pieper has pooled its experiences and developed the “Early Bird Smoke Catcher” (EBSC) – a solution system that is less costly, offers simple handling and yet guarantees the highest level of plant and occupational security in production areas.

It doesn’t always have to be expensive

Particularly difficult-to-view areas within closed production halls require supporting monitoring systems that alert employees to the fact that a fire is breaking out so that appropriate countermeasures can be introduced. Thanks to the smoke detection system’s low costs, it can be installed on several cameras, allowing users to keep an eye on many areas within production and storage. The “Early Bird Smoke Catcher” uses smart sensor technology to detect even minimal smoke development and immediately reacts by issuing an alarm message so that a fire can be prevented or quickly put out. Additionally, the system has its own WDC (Watchdog Counter), which checks the machines’ operating modes, reports loss of focus and automatically indicates that housing or camera glass is dirty.

A sustainable approach

The newly designed solution is based on the already developed FULL HD MINI INSPECTION video surveillance system, the Illuminator series of full HD network cameras and the WUW-2252-E series of water-cooled camera protection housings. Elements that detect important details to ensure a smooth process cycle even in difficult lighting conditions and with the smallest openings, therefore complement Axis’ Q series of monitoring software that is installed on the housings. Together, these components form an analysis server which the SmokeCatcher© software is installed on. The solution contains a smoke detection algorithm and can therefore be used for applications beyond pure motion detection. With a wide variety of triggers, the adaptive system issues alarm messages, activates the image in a control panel, sends video sequences by email and can be flexibly parameterized to local conditions.

Flexible and customer-specific

Fully in line with the motto “New Ways, New Opportunities”, MOOG Pieper is focusing on developing modern systems and solution concepts and on combining them with proven product solutions. With the “EBSC”, the company has managed to design a new sustainable approach for professional and flexible early fire detection.