From Ore to Steel – Lean and Safe Processes in Smelting Plants

Germany is world-renowned for high-quality steel. But even though steel producers have multiplied their productivity levels in recent years and improved utilization of their facilities, international competition is fierce. Efficiency needs to be constantly enhanced if companies are to maintain their presence on the market. Pieper systems provide perfect support in this regard in the field of automated process monitoring. Another of our core competences is visual early fire detection, which protects smelting plants from undesirable fires.

Early Fire Detection in Steel Production

Whether it’s in the blast furnace, hot-dip galvanizing or the coking plant, hot spots can quickly develop into undesirable fires and thus paralyze production operations. Our robust thermal camera systems record and measure the temperatures in the smelting works and alert the control center in the event of irregularities – and even indicate coordinates. Appropriate measures can therefore be initiated and the hot spot can be cooled before a fire even breaks out. In the coking plant, the link between the thermal camera system and the extinguishing monitor also guarantees that only the exact amount of water required is sprayed precisely and that the coke is not contaminated.

Quality Assurance in the Production Process

Up until now, many processes in smelting plants were still monitored manually – and therefore only selectively. A new generation of optical full HD sensors keeps an eye on a multitude of processes and only sounds the alarm when deviations occur.

This applies, for example, to the lifting mechanism used in slab production. If a second slab is lifted accidentally, the Pieper system alerts the control center or automatically corrects the lifting device. Another possible application is observing the foundry ladles. Smart algorithms directly on the camera detect wear and tear and thereby prevent the liquid steel from breaking out and causing damage to the furnace.

We would be delighted to draw up an individual quotation for you outlining how you can automate your production operations, control processes with greater precision and therefore increase product quality and delivery reliability!