Early fire detection and process monitoring in steel production using Thermovision


Whether in the blast furnace, in hot-dip galvanizing or in the coking plant: embers can quickly develop into unwanted fires. In addition to the threat of damage to man and machine, these can even lead to the closure of the entire production. BY means of visual smoke and early fire detection by robust thermal cameras, PIEPER offers the intelligent solution. Individually tailored Thermovision systems record and measure the temperatures in the metallurgical plant and immediately alert the control center in the event of irregularities. This is done by specifying all relevant coordinates.

Highly efficient thermal monitoring

In this way, appropriate measures can be taken in good time and the embers can be cooled before a fire occurs. In the coking plant, the thermal camera system is precisely connected to the extinguishing monitor. This ensures that only the really required amount of water is sprayed with pinpoint accuracy and that the coke is not contaminated. Protect your most valuable resources and rely on intelligent smoke and fire early detection and process monitoring with advanced thermovision!


Until now, many processes in steelworks have been monitored manually – and thus only on a point-by-point basis – for cost and analysis reasons. The consequence? A high susceptibility to errors and hardly any possibilities to automate processes and connect them efficiently.

PIEPER accompanies you into the age of digital industry 4.0. A new generation of analyzable IP cameras automatically keeps an eye on a variety of processes using thermal monitoring.

Especially for high-temperature applications, for example in walking beam furnace, PIEPER offers optical full HD sensors. These meet the high demands placed on the difficult environment. In addition, they are high-performance enough to perform customer-specific analysis functions directly on the camera. This helps to stem the flood of data, as the camera only actually stores the information and triggers an alarm if there are deviations from previously defined rules.

Benefit from automated process monitoring and optimal quality of your products!