High-Quality Security Systems from a Single Source

Pieper has been developing, designing, manufacturing and installing complete video, security and image processing systems for industry for 50 years. We are world-renowned for our combustion chamber systems, which monitor processes in high-temperature environments at maximum resolution.
Our systems are custom-made from of a wealth of components to fit your specific application and therefore meet every requirement. We would be delighted to create a customized system for you!

Process Monitoring

By monitoring processes and avoiding downtimes, our industry-compatible and highly integrative video systems in the field of process observation ensure security in production and guarantee a high level of product quality.
High-resolution IP cameras document every step, detect deviations and permit rapid responses to undesirable incidents. Our systems can be easily integrated into process control systems via bidirectional interfaces. Pieper GmbH has extensive experience in programming customized analysis functions such as the detection of material characteristics or early smoke detection.

Sensor Technology

With its inspection system, Pieper GmbH has a high-performance sensor system designed to inspect surfaces, edges and components and to conduct non-destructive testing. Deep learning functions mean that the system can be quickly adapted to customer-specific situations. Images can be recorded for quality purposes and for product development via interfaces to control systems.

Thermal Monitoring

For environments where temperature is a decisive factor, we rely on highly integrative systems with calibrated thermal cameras for process monitoring activities. Being IP-based and industry-compatible solutions, they prevent unforeseen downtimes and improve your processes. The system can be designed with a wealth of components to suit almost every situation and every industry.

Combustion Chamber Monitoring

Our visual combustion chamber camera systems, which are suitable for use at high temperatures, provide brilliant maximum-resolution images. The probes being arranged in a special way means no stone is left unturned in the combustion chamber, so plant conditions, flame patterns and weak points in the furnace become visible. Sensors and controllable adjustment valves also make the system ready for use in state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 scenarios.
Individual analysis functions round off the scope of services and make our systems the most powerful process observation systems available on the market.

Early Smoke and Fire Detection

Pieper GmbH’s early fire detection systems are an ideal supplement to existing fire alarm systems.

  • The Smoke Catcher is a smoke detection system with visual, IP-based cameras. It is particularly suitable for large and winding areas. False alarms are 99.99% excluded faster and more reliably than with traditional fire alarm technology. The Smoke Catcher is VdS-certifiable as a system.
  • BeSafeIR is an IP-based early fire detection system with thermal cameras that continuously scans the area to be monitored and transmits thermal images. The system automatically triggers an alarm if temperatures are high or there are unusual temperature increases. Integration in the fire alarm control panel means that extinguishing canons can be controlled. This makes the measuring system particularly suitable for chemical plants, for oil, gas, coal, paper and wood storage facilities, and for waste bunkers in recycling or waste incineration plants.

Security Systems

We would be delighted to create a customized system for you to ensure reliable all-round protection of your company premises or building. Our modular solutions, for example, are made up of:

  • Access control via an access system comprising door control with a card or transponder system, plus a door intercom with camera
  • Access control with barrier, gate or lane control
  • IP-based video surveillance including state-of-the-art radar and thermal camera technology or even systems for drone defense
  • Smart video analysis software automatically triggers alarms and provides security staff with the highest level of support