The list of fire hazards in waste management is long – due either to internal plant processes or the composition of delivered materials. A fire can paralyze the plant for weeks on end. PIEPER offers operators maximum security with integrative early smoke and fire detection systems and high-performance combustion chamber camera technology. These solutions detect sources of fire or even smoke development far faster than traditional early fire detection solutions – and without triggering any false alarms to boot. High-resolution camera images provide direct insight into critical situations and help security officers to assess situations.

Thanks to their special, specifically developed housings, IP-based camera systems are also insensitive to the aggressive atmosphere inside a refuse bunker and cut an impressive figure with an above-average lifecycle. Last but not least, Full HD combustion chamber camera technology ensures waste incineration that’s as complete as possible, taking all safety and security aspects into account. How, I hear you ask? Because of the brilliant images provided directly from the boiler that enable a reliable assessment of the situation through observing flame patterns.

Industrielle Wärmebildkameras im Einsatz

What with technology, new recycling quotas and emission limits, waste management is changing. Waste management companies also need to take time to make their services efficient and sustainable when it comes to safety.

In addition to process control and early fire detection measures, PIEPER solutions lastly offer protection against vandalism and theft, plus fast delivery. PIEPER uses HD-resolution video-based process monitoring to ensure smooth processes in waste incineration plants. The modular systems automatically recognize the approaching trucks’ license plates, for example, and thus enable rapid entry and inspection on the scales. State-of-the-art scanner and thermal cameras also reliably trigger an alarm and immediately alert the security staff if and when unauthorized individuals enter the premises. At the highest configuration level, drone recognition systems even secure the airspace.