Process monitoring in the aluminium industry

Combustion chamber camera and combustion chamber probe:Accurate hot room monitoring with safety

Precise process monitoring in all high-temperature areas of the aluminum industry.

Aluminum may well be considered the “gold of the 21st century”, but the ultra-lightweight material is increasingly being used in numerous everyday-use and industrial products. That’s why more efficient and more reliable production processes are needed to make it, so providers can maintain their positions on the competitive market in the long term. Downtimes caused by irregularities in sensitive high-temperature environments lead to the likes of costly delivery bottlenecks – or even to employee injury. Comprehensive security systems for early smoke and fire detection and general, efficient process observation are therefore absolutely indispensable. We guarantee this standard using highly developed software and our many years of expertise in the field of combustion chamber camera technology and thermovision.

There are different types of production depending on requirements: Aluminium mould casting is used to produce prefabricated components of various sizes, which are used in the automotive industry, for example. Semi-finished aluminium products include the production of tubes, rods, wires and rolled products. Aluminium processing, in turn, includes packaging materials such as foils or cans. The raw material is processed under the highest temperatures, which is why a powerful monitoring system consisting of a furnace camera and a furnace probe is indispensable. Furnace camera and furnace probe: Precise hot chamber monitoring with safety.


Whether in the pressing plant or in the mould foundry: The processing of aluminum requires the highest precision.

As an industry expert, PIEPERknows about the challenges in the aluminium smelter and offers special solutions for process monitoring in extreme temperature environments. The high-resolution images from the furnace cameras provide a direct insight and support the control centre in ensuring smooth process flows.
The individually manufactured combustion chamber probes have an integrated cooling system and can thus be used directly and specifically in combustion chambers. With the observation of processes that are usually not visible, the safety and efficiency factor in aluminium production is significantly increased.

To ensure optimal process monitoring in all production steps of the aluminum industry, powerful systems are needed that function perfectly even at maximum temperatures. If camera monitoring is inadequate, irregularities in sensitive high-temperature environments such as smelting furnaces will not be detected in time. This could endanger employees and lead to shutdowns that result in cost-intensive delivery bottlenecks. Comprehensive safety systems with furnace cameras and furnace probes as well as a general high-performance process monitoring system are indispensable.

All PIEPERsystems can be centrally controlled via video management software for easy administration.

Precise recording of every process step while minimising potential sources of danger: Reliable safety systems with combustion chamber cameras and combustion chamber probes from PIEPER - even in challenging lighting conditions and temperatures up to 2,400°C!

If only the smallest irregularities or errors occur on the machines, this not only leads to poor product quality, but often to complete system failure.

PIEPER has the goal of seamlessly monitoring, automating and efficiently networking processes. Therefore PIEPER on a new generation of analysis-capable IP cameras, furnace cameras and furnace probes as part of an intelligent process monitoring system that meets the high demands of aluminium processing and also performs customer-specific analysis functions based on defined rules directly on the camera. An intelligent connection option to the process control system paves the way into the digital age of Industry 4.0.

Whether directly in the aluminium smelter, in the format casting or in the rolling mill: the completely IP-based PIEPERcamera systems are versatile and guarantee optimal process monitoring - anywhere and at any time.

Modern process monitoring for Industry 4.0 using a furnace camera

The processing of aluminium - both in the press shop and in the moulding shop - requires the utmost precision. Safety systems for reliable and precise hot chamber monitoring and early fire detection from PIEPER guarantee an ideal process sequence taking into account the highest safety standards.