Video security / Industry solution: Passenger and freight transport

Safely on the movethanks to IP video technology

Every day, millions of people use public transport vehicles – and the trend is increasing. At the same time, the crime rate and violent attacks on passengers and employees, as well as increasing vandalism or a possible terror threat at the airport, contribute to the loss of security.

Due to increasing mobility in professional and private life, an even higher volume can be expected in the future. And air travel is not losing its attractiveness, partly due to favourable prices. At the same time, the crime rate is rising. More attacks on passengers and employees, increasing vandalism as well as a heightened risk of terrorism in railway stations and airports, for example, are reducing the sense of security. In order to counteract this and create a protected environment, more and more operators are relying on high-quality IP video technology for the holistic surveillance of sensitive areas.

This is where PIEPER comes into play: In addition to industrial process monitoring, the company has been a reliable contact for business and public administration for many years when it comes to setting up and installing the right solution in the area of video security - and not only for passenger traffic, but also to ensure operational safety on roads and for goods movements in freight traffic. The evaluation of various criteria, such as the analysis of the security situation or the target group and areas to be protected, is only the first step. With the aim of making all areas visible and thus being able to react quickly in an emergency, complete video and security systems offer PIEPER offers complete video and security systems that are extremely precise, easy to operate and centrally controllable. So that everyone can travel safely.


Theft, vandalism and unauthorized access to company premises are major challenges for the safety of transport companies – and thus also for their economic success. In order to deliver the goods entrusted to them safely to the customer at all times and to be able to intervene quickly in the event of damage, a modern security solution suitable for every application scenario is therefore required.

By means of digital video surveillance, optionally also via thermal cameras, PIEPER ensures the protection of goods as well as the freight handling points and corporate areas: from the access control of factory access roads in the form of barriers, gate and lane control and access control via camera-based map and transponder system or door intercom via the seamless monitoring of all desired areas including automatic alarm triggering up to the protection of airspace via drone detection.

Thus, after individual conception and selection of intelligently interconnected components, a sustainable solution for video security is created that can be integrated into existing systems. Images are transmitted in real time to a central control system, an alarm signal is sent in the event of suspicious activities and subsequently a security-relevant situation can be intervened in quickly. Arrival and departure terminals, service areas and multi-storey car parks at airports as well as local and long-distance railway station buildings are always optimally monitored - for more security for passengers and staff.

By means of digital video security PIEPER also ensures the protection of people and goods as well as transshipment points and company premises in freight traffic. Factory entrances, for example, can be monitored by means of barriers, gate and lane control as well as access control via a camera-based card and transponder system or a door intercom system. Up to a completely gapless observation of all desired areas by means of high-resolution IP video technology or even a protection of the airspace via drone detection ensures an all-round protected company. PIEPER ensures an all-round protected company. State-of-the-art cameras can be placed in a highly visible or inconspicuous position, as desired, and can thus serve either as a deterrent or to capture images of a suspicious person.

IP video technology in freight transport: Secure from the supplier to the customer

Video security using high-resolution IP video technology is also of great importance in freight transport: theft, vandalism as well as unauthorised access to company premises are major challenges for the security of transport companies.



beeper video systems

Arrival and departures
  • Train and bus station
  • Taxi ranks
  • Car access routes and multi-story car parks / parking lots

beeper video systems

  • Arrival and departure areas
  • Check-In
  • Service areas (retail stores)

beeper video systems

Secured areas
  • Customs (identity and luggage checks)
  • Baggage transport and storage Freight areas
  • Outside areas incl. runways / landing strips (hangars, fuel stores, towers)
  • ...


beeper video systems

Passenger transport (local and long-distance transport)
  • Station building (waiting hall, counter area, etc.)
  • Service area if necessary (retail stores)
  • Station platforms
  • Local public transport – tickets / arrivals

beeper video systems

Freight transport
  • Freight handling areas (containers, ports, etc.)
  • Non-public plant rail transport

beeper video systems

Railway network
  • Railway tracks (tunnels, switches, lights, barrier areas)
  • Signal boxes
  • Railroad crossings
  • “Identifying the ends of trains”