A large network of reliable partners

As a manufacturer-independent provider of industrial process monitoring, video and security systems, we place particular value on one thing: meeting the needs of our customers at all times. PIEPER we attach particular importance to one thing: meeting the needs of our customers precisely at all times! The expertise of our team paired with maximum reliability and the idea of partnership as the basis of all our projects form the basis of a network that fully meets this requirement.

From planning to realisation and commissioning to maintenance of individual security systems and solutions, we can PIEPER can always provide you with carefully selected and reliable partners, independent of location and anywhere in the world - and has been doing so for over 50 years.

Transparency, a quick communication and fixed contact persons in our company are self-evident

Corporate Profile

Today, AG Neovo displays can be found in environments as diverse as police stations, modern museums, science labs, five star hotels, elementary school classrooms, and hospitals. The company’s commitment to designing display devices that answer to the functional and aesthetic demands of multi-user and public environments like these have made AG Neovo the choice of professionals from a variety of industries.

An intense focus on design has helped AG Neovo differentiate displays from those of the competition. Display devices from AG Neovo have received hundreds of accolades from both media and industry for their superior performance and unique aesthetics. Recently, two of AG Neovo’s display-device series were recipients of the prestigious iF award for product design. This AG Neovo aesthetic provides the design solution required in banks, law offices or any professional environment where the display is in full public view.

As a company, AG Neovo is earnest in its approach. By listening to the specific requirements of system integrators and IT administrators, AG Neovo is redefining the traditional monitor, and offering display devices with the capabilities to perform in places where few competitors can.

AG Neovo is a world-leading provider of display devices for both professional and consumer markets. The company, founded in 1999, is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and has offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Deriving its name from the Greek words Neo and Vo meaning New Vision, AG Neovo was one of the first in the industry to envision greater possibilities for display devices.

Our Vision

Being a reliable platform that creates the added value for all stakeholders in the AG Neovo value chain.

Our Mission

To create display solutions that fully meet the needs of a wide range of applications, both in form and function, and thus create real value for everyone involved: Customers, employees, investors, partners and last but not least -our environment.

About Araani

Araani is a Belgian video analytics company, specialised in video fire detection. Araani’s mission is to guarantee business continuity and fire safety for companies that operate in critical and demanding environments.

Founded in 2014, Araani has developed a strong international reputation in video fire detection. For fire safety installers, that are looking for certified video fire detection solutions, Araani has 2 types of video fire detection cameras that are certified as fire detectors (BOSEC and CNPP Certified): SmokeCatcher and FlameCatcher Certified. For the video surveillance market, Araani has developed Araani Fire Guard, which is sold as a license and compatible with Axis cameras.

About Avigilon

By designing, developing and manufacturing AI-powered security solutions, our mission is to deliver innovative products that help keep people and communities safe From security cameras to video analytics, access control solutions and cloud services, our complete solutions have been installed at thousands of customer sites around the world, empowering you to proactively protect what matters most.


Avigilon sales and distribution channels are based on a business-to-business model and not a business-to-consumer model, with Avigilon generally selling its products to a network of dealers and integrators resellersand not directly to end-user customers. Avigilon staff work either directly with prospective end-user customers or in coordination with Resellers to promote and design security and surveillance solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of end-users. Avigilon encourages Reseller loyalty through product differentiation, innovation, pricing, and loyalty programs to stimulate sales channel growth. Avigilon plans to continue increasing the number of its sales personnel, expand its Reseller base, and invest in activities that build brand awareness and drive sales lead generation.

Avigilon Security Solutions

Avigilon Security Solutions are designed as easy-to-use software and hardware IP network products that include image capture, analysis, storage, transfer, and playback of high quality video surveillance footage with visually lossless compression (no perceptible loss of visual detail), and electronic access control management. Avigilon Security Solutions may be configured into a customized, end-to-end, integrated intelligent security system that provides high quality video and data using relatively low bandwidth. Avigilon Security Solutions include features such as: electronic access control, automatic event detection, pattern-based analytics algorithms, teach-by-example self-learning capabilities, alarm monitoring, integrations with third party platforms, video export, enterprise-level server and site management, extended video wall viewing, object search, appearance search, and remote viewing via mobile devices.

About Axis

Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating network solutions that provide insights for improving security and new ways of doing business. As the industry leader in network video, Axis offers products and services for video surveillance and analytics, access control, and audio systems. . Axis was founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden. Axis has more than 3,000 dedicated employees in over 50 countries and collaborates with partners worldwide to deliver customer solutions.

About us

barox Kommunikation manufacturers switches specifically for video security applications. We focus on network technology for video networks. Our products are designed to provide planners, installers and users with reliable, powerful and secure technology that is easy to install, operate and maintain.


Philosophy From the very beginning we have built our company on the conviction that we want to be a reliable partner for our customers. It is our task to help our customers in their projects with our products and our consulting services. This requires that we know and understand our customers and their challenges. This attitude has proven itself in our more than 20 years of company history. The personal contact to our customers is an important basis for this. This is why we also feel the responsibility in the development and manufacture of our products to insist on valuable functions, high security and high quality.

Our Vision

Empower vision for the security and growth of the world.

Our Mission

To explore innovative ways to better perceive and understand the world, to empower vision for decision-makers and practitioners, and work together to enhance safety and advance sustainable development around the world.

Corporate Profile

Hikvision is a world leading IoT solution provider with video as its core competency.

Hikvision now has more than 40,000 employees, over 19,000 of which are R&D engineers. The company annually invests over 9% of its annual sales revenue to research and development for continued product innovation. Hikvision has established a complete, multi-level R&D system that includes every operation from research to design, development, testing, technical support, and service.

Centered at its Hangzhou headquarters, the R&D teams operate globally, including R&D centers in Montreal, Canada and London, the UK, as well as eight cities in China.

Hikvision advances the core technologies of audio and video encoding, video image processing, and related data storage, as well as forward-looking technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data. Over the past several years, Hikvision deepened its knowledge and experience in meeting customer needs in various vertical markets, including public security, transportation, retail, education, healthcare, financial institutions, intelligent buildings and others. Accordingly, the company provides professional and customized solutions to meet diverse market requirements. In addition to the video surveillance industry, Hikvision extended its business to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries — all based on video intelligence technology — to explore channels for sustaining long-term development.

Hikvision has established one of the most extensive marketing networks in the industry, comprising 59 overseas regional subsidiaries, to ensure quick responses to the needs of customers, users and partners. Hikvision products serve a diverse set of vertical markets covering more than 150 countries.

At Qognify we help organizations minimize the impact of security, safety and operational incidents. Our portfolio contains Physical Security and Enterprise Incident Management solutions to mitigate risks, increase security and optimize operations.

In 2018, Qognify acquired OnSSI Group with its brands OnSSI and SeeTec, forming a leading global player in the physical security market. Headquartered in Pearl River, New York, Qognify operates major development hubs in Germany and Israel as well as sales and support offices around the globe.


TAROX is one of the leading IT providers of integrated solutions and holistic product families, largely in the German-speaking countries and in certain parts of Europe. The development from a TAROX brand manufacturer and distributor of selected products from world market leaders, enabled us in providing comprehensive supports to our clients. TAROX supplies its partners in the system house and specialist trade sectors nationwide. Our cooperation are with B-to-B companies and public hands.

Market experience from more than 25 years and the specialization in the five areas of competence namely: TAROX Systems, Data Cloud, Security, Distribution and Consulting has given as an edge over our competitors in the German market. The aim of the diverse support is to present smooth business processes in a good price performance ratio in order to promote added value and to boost the efficiency of work. Numerous awards and certifications achieved over the years, proves the high reliability and satisfaction, our customers, suppliers or industry experts have in our products and services.

The service promise under the umbrella of TAROX AG is the provision of systems and solutions with high quality standards in order to design IT landscapes for medium-sized businesses in a high-performance, secure and sustainable manner. Proximity to the market and SMEs is what drives the specialists at TAROX in particular to provide advanced technologies that are geared to the needs of interested parties. The two managing partners also stand for this with their name.