PIEPER presents a specially designed component for modern process monitoring in industrial environments: Suitable for both analog and IP cameras, the innovative megapixel fire room probe lens delivers razor-sharp images from hot rooms and thus primarily serves the quality assurance and plant safety of manufacturing companies.

Radial lenses are usually used for modern probe monitoring of furnaces. However, these often do not capture the entire image with sufficient sharpness, but often show chromatic aberrations. Subsequent video analyses of the furnace processes have thus been hampered by the sometimes limited quality of the images supplied.

As a supplement to the solutions that can be integrated into existing process control systems PIEPER now offers a radial megapixel lens in two versions, which - unlike conventional combustion chamber probe lenses - also depicts the image edges of the detected hot chamber areas in optimum sharpness. Thanks to an additional adjuster for side equalisation, plant conditions, flame images as well as potential weak points are visible at all times.

You can find more information here: FRO-MP-R70_R90