In order to ensure mobile use, for example at various entrances or gates in heavily frequented locations, the PIEPER GmbH has added a mobile rolling cabinet to its professional fever screening solution, turning the entire system into a compact, flexible and therefore cost-efficient safety factor.

In order to be able to use the professional temperature monitoring system in several areas of a site without major installation effort, PIEPER developed a compact rolling cabinet to complement the system. With dimensions of 130 x 80 x 65 cm (H x L x W), it represents an immediately usable system due to the permanently installed 24" monitor including keyboard and mouse. A stainless steel container also provides protection for the camera tripods. Start-up is conveniently done via the toggle switch integrated on the wooden worktop, a coverable 230V power connection is located on the side of the rolling cabinet. Four network connections are also installed for connecting the aforementioned components.

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