MOOG Pieper, provider of turnkey industrial video and security systems, has developed a new FullHD camera with remote sensor for industrial use in safe automation, thereby expanding its successful Illuminator series. The Schwert-based company is meeting the demand for small, high-performance cameras with maximum resolution for monitoring processes in plant areas that are difficult to access.

Oil, dust and the tightest spaces - industrial processes are often difficult to see in the truest sense of the word. Harsh environments, whether in great cold or heat, also make it almost impossible to monitor the work steps. However, in order to optimise processes and ensure the safety of both employees and products, a plant that is easy to see is of utmost importance. Thus, process monitoring by means of network cameras can subsequently contribute significantly to increasing efficiency in the company.

Largest surveillance in the smallest space

MOOG Pieper has now developed an industrial FullHD sensor for this purpose with a robust housing and flexible design of the front screen, which can be used in difficult-to-access and smallest possible areas with its smallest design and pinhole lens. Air purging and cooling to protect the FK-N-WU-P-6894-2-IQ is also provided by the pinhole view.

The sensor can be set up to max. 12 metres from the base unit. The cable is both oil-resistant and functional between -40°C and +80°C. Thanks to the adjustment base and IP65 RJ45 plug connection, the sensor is immediately ready for use. Even a possible sensor defect results in only very short downtimes due to the simplest installation and quick revision. Since all camera settings are stored in the base unit, which is installed at a maximum distance of 12 metres, there is no need for configuration when replacing the sensor. This means that the sensors can be replaced even by inexperienced personnel in the event of a possible defect. The system can be used immediately as usual.

Save costs with individual programming

In addition to quick assembly, MOOG Pieper also relies on customised programming of the sensor for analysis purposes. This can be done on the base unit itself and does not require an external server. This eliminates high administration costs for OS licences or hardware maintenance. Via contacts on the base unit, it is also possible to automatically control the live display or a recording. The camera is IBA-compatible and thus enables synchronous recording of machine data and video images.