a provider of industrial video and safety systems, presents a mobile inspection system for high-temperature environments of up to 2,400 degrees Celsius. The solution, called MIS-N-HT, is particularly suitable for the temporary observation of processes in the combustion chamber, such as the inspection of the refractory lining.

A large number of critical processes take place in furnace rooms. Unplanned failures in furnaces lead to high costs, especially in the glass industry. But the quality of the products and the utilisation of the plant are also important factors for manufacturing companies in order to remain competitive. Focused inspection and process monitoring systems play a central role in monitoring these processes. For high-temperature environments, the Schwerte-based company has now developed a new, mobile system for process monitoring in combustion chambers. The inspection system is suitable, for example, for checking the refractory lining after maintenance. Another possible application is flame image monitoring during parameterisation of the furnace.

Flexible use through plug & play technology

In order to be able to examine every angle of the ovens or combustion chambers, operators can choose between an axial or a radial probe. Thanks to special plug-in connections, it is possible to switch between the two probes as required. Connection to the control system or measured value analysis systems (IBA) is also quick and easy. The synchronous recording of process and video data allows the cause of faults to be found and rectified quickly. In this way, unintentional maintenance can be avoided and better utilisation of the machines can be achieved.
Another advantage of MIS-N-HT is its flexible use within a wide variety of production areas or even plants. The entire system is housed on a rollable transport trolley, none of the components need to be stored externally. Companies benefit from a faster amortisation of costs due to the compactness and mobility of the solution and the possibilities for use in several locations.

Transportable complete system with Full HD resolution

The MIS-N-HT solution includes two combustion chamber probes (76mm radial or axial, length of 1,700mm or 1,200mm) and a media control cabinet with monitoring elements for cooling water and compressed air. These trigger an optical and acoustic alarm in the event of a probe failure or defect, for example due to overtemperature. This ensures trouble-free operation even in dusty, industrial high-temperature environments.
The full HD camera image is recorded and displayed on a 15.6-inch notebook, on which analyses can be carried out on site using video management software. Alternatively, recorded sequences can be exported to a common video format such as MPEG-4 for later analysis and protected against overwriting.

The mobile inspection system MIS-N-HT is available now.