Araani, führender Anbieter von Video Analytics-Lösungen zum Schutz von Menschen, Eigentum und Prozessen, freut sich, MOOG Pieper in den Kreis seiner zertifizierten Partner aufnehmen zu können. Dank dieser Zertifizierung kann MOOG Pieper, Spezialanbieter von Video- und Sicherheitsausrüstungen, Araanis Frühwarnsystem SmokeCatcher in ganz Deutschland vertreiben, installieren und kundendienstlich betreuen.

MOOG Pieper recently completed the certification training for Araani partners with great success. The training provides extensive information, checklists and example cases, enabling participants to install SmokeCatcher correctly and easily on site.

"We are very pleased to now be a certified partner of Araani," says Andreas Fieberg, Regional Manager at MOOG Pieper. "We have been supplying the global market with rock-solid security and fire protection solutions for many years. We are confident that this certification will provide us with the expertise to specify, install and support the video-based smoke detector solution, SmokeCatcher, for our customers as well.

SmokeCatcher by Araani is a reliable warning system for smoke detection in critical indoor spaces. SmokeCatcher Video Analytics is installed in security video cameras and enables extremely fast smoke detection where conventional smoke detection systems fail because they react too slowly or trigger too many false alarms. Areas of application include tall buildings, dusty environments and highly critical fire points in companies. SmokeCatcher examines video images for traces of smoke and can locate incipient fires directly at the source, from virtually any distance.

"Araani relies on established partners in the security and fire industry to help us find the best solutions and make early fire detection a success," said Pieter Claerhout, CEO of Araani. "In return for the commitment, Araani ensures that a full portfolio of quality services - including training, tools, guidance and comprehensive support - is available to partners so they can easily install video smoke detectors at the end customer's premises."